Our story

We spent our childhoods roaming the hills and woods of the Welsh Marches that surrounded our home. We claimed kingdoms in the woods and named them, returning day after day to pick the treasures we found there.

Our goat Dill carried the picnic in panniers to the blackberry patch at the edge of the wood or the bilberry patch up on the hill and we returned home to help turn these jewels into edible feasts.

We come from a line of keen foragers who used the very same wood and hill as us, our great-grandmother, grandmother and then our mother and father. We were taught to appreciate our regular foraging places as a valuable resource, to consider the environment and not be wasteful.

Self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables, growing and foraging, was our way of life in childhood and preserving our produce as the seasons unfolded was part of the rhythm.

We have spent the last few years turning what was a way of life for us into a business which has enabled us to share our products with others… so go wild preserves was launched.

Go Wild Preserves

An artisan business with a fresh approach to making seasonal jams, jellies and chutneys.

Our family business now operates from our kitchen in Portishead, North Somerset where all our products are made in a truly traditional artisan way with our focus and the most vital part of our business being the taste and flavour of our products. The wow factor comes from the quality of the original produce combined with the magic in the kitchen.

The majority of our products are based on seasonal, locally sourced, garden grown and hedgerow foraged fruit and vegetables. Every batch made will be as different as the day the fruit or vegetables have been harvested or picked. We take our cue from nature, so our selection of products reflects the changing seasons.

Care of our environment and sustainability is at the heart of our business. We reflect this in how we grow and source our produce, our care in recycling our waste and use of recycled and recyclable packaging.

Meet the team

Go wild preserves is a family, lifestyle business born out of shared passions of good food and the love of being in the natural environment whether in the wild or our gardens.

Oz: the wizard of preserves

I’m the main preserves producer at go wild preserves. From a young age, I shadowed my dad in the kitchen and garden, perfecting the art of bread making, brewing and pickling. I was encouraged to experiment and be involved in all aspects of food production. I particularly enjoy the process of crafting the different flavours and combinations with the excellent produce we gather and grow.

Deb, Georgia and family: gatherers, growers, and sellers

Go wild preserves is always going to be an artisan business, one that relies on the quality of the original produce being the very best that can be sourced. We spend our time carefully gathering the best produce  to provide the go wild kitchen with an array of fresh produce season by season.